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Apartment and Residential Cleaning

Your life in the New York City area is hectic to say the least

Whether its work, family, school or other social/economic obligations, there are many demands on your time, even from those you love.

With these competing interests clamoring for your attention, cleaning your apartments, homes, codons, co-opts, multi-family homes should not be in consideration.

Steady Services LLC

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Subscribe to a customized cleaning from STEADY SERVICES LLC and stay rest assured. Our Cleaning service will cover the following areas of your commercial space:

You can cross it off your to do list. As our name and definition states, we are the standard bearer in residential cleaning services. We are licensed and bonded. Our cleaning angels have all passed exhaustive background checks.

We offer flexible, affordable, and competitive packages and price points that are tailored to fit any budget. Our residential cleaning services will fit seamlessly into your busy life. We are committed to excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Book Now

Steady Services LLC

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